contemporary artist

Born on the island of Oleron, Chantal Porras studied drawing and sculpture at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes (ENSBAN). Rewarded for her work by a silver medal at the Salon National des Artistes Animaliers de Bry-sur-Marne, Chantal Porras is an artist who likes to shape the figurative bodies, portraits as well as animals, which she spends long hours studying, observing, both in their natural environment and on video.


It is thanks to her eye, sensitive and on the lookout that she manages to restore, in the purity, all the elegance, all the character of the animals, almost restored to life in the finished work.


Her work is no less pure, but strong: by working on the shapes, the flat areas and the edges, she sculpts a fragile balance between the softness of the curves, the tonicity of the angles and manages, in the end, to reveal a great sensuality of the movement, of the material.


What is fascinating in the work of this artist is the ability with which she manages, a bit like the realistic busts, to restore the expression, the emotion, the character that emerges from each animal, each personality. Her work shows a great respect for the living, a living in danger, unfortunately.


It is precisely to raise awareness of the immense fragility of the beauty of living beings in the process of disappearing that her creative gesture invites us to a more committed gesture in the protection of species.


The works of Chantal Porras are exhibited in many salons and galleries in France and Europe, they are also in many private and public collections:

Jean Carrière (Goncourt Prize at the Archives Départementales du Gard)

Denis Mukwégé (Nobel Peace Prize)

Louis Daguerre (inventor of photography)