Bidjogo, Male statue

Bidjogo, Male statue

Iram from the Bissagos islands Guinea Bissau, wood
circa late XIXth / very early XXth century
lenght 17 cm - height 47,7 cm
Tribal Art Rare objects
pristine state
Inventory number
sur demande

Very hard heavy and clear wooden statue, with brown and caramel patina on a round base. Man standing arms spread away from the body coming back towards the prominent navel, breasts and sex marked. Prognathous head, bearded wearing a Portuguese dignitary's hat, ritual tonsure visible at the back. Marked spine slightly hollow, ending in V for the buttocks. Short and powerful legs.

Very beautiful brown patina on the shoulders, arms and lower legs. Pyrography on the hat, the brows, beard, mouth, bracelets and pedestal. Very few known statues from Iran in this standing position.

One very similar, in the attitude and form, (perhaps from the same artist) in the Virginia Museum of Fine Art (VMFA) in the United States, and one in the Métropolitan Museum (MET) in New York. These two statues having lost part of their legs as well as their bases.


Provenance :

  • Private collection France


Bibliography :

  • IN HET RIJK DER BIDJOGO by Dr Hugo A. Bernatzik
  • Dynamique de l’art Bidjogo by Daniel Gallois Duquette - 1983


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