Mbuya, mask

Mbuya, mask

Pende mask, wood, fiber, rafia
early XXth
height 24 cm
Tribal Art
complete mask, very good state
Inventory number

Pende mask, Democratic Republic of Congo.

A small mask size is often the result of a good antiquity and a good sculptor, this mask has a two shelled headdress projected backwards in black vegetal fiber on a weaving of blond fibers, and a triangular face
Collar on the lower part of the face in rafia.
Mask with curved forehead, eyebrow arches joining at the edge of the thin, slightly raised nose, pierced nostrils, scarifications on each sides of the face.

Brown and blond patina, shiny in some places, rest of natural yellow pigments around the eyes.


Bibliography / references :

  • Pende par Z.S. Strother visions d’Afrique édition des 5 continents
  • L’ART PENDE by L.de Sousberghe, Royal Academy of Belgium, 1959 edition


Origin :

Bruno Frey (Arnay le Duc) gallery.


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