Teke, with double shelled headdress.

Teke, with double shelled headdress.

Male Batéké statue, wood and copper
circa late XIXth
height 43 cm
Tribal Art
very good state (little lack to the feet)
Inventory number

Male Batéké statue, with magical-religious function, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Standing position, of classical style but with many particularities, including the cylinder forming the body, the breasts and the round navel slightly in relief, the arms in slight relief, starting from the top of the breasts to the bottom of the ventral cavity and presenting the fingers.

Head on a long conical neck with two copper necklaces, face adorned with scarification, coffee bean eyes, beard and hair blackened, beautiful double-crested headdress. Incised band from the neck to the beginning of the buttocks.

Beautiful brown and shiny caramel patina.
Eugène Bettra base.


Provenance :

  • Collected in situ between 1930 and 1934 by the colonial administrator Alain Lagarde (1905/1976), kept in the same family.



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