Afrique Emotions

FROM JULY 17 2021

"Holly spoons", the first exhibition of the gallery was a great success, even with the public that does not know tribal art and imagined to be insensitive to it. 

For this new exhibition, I wanted to share with you some of the strong emotions I had when I first acquired the pieces that will be presented to you, as much as when I contemplated them. 

"To make a choice is to give up", as they say, and the choice I made, regarding the selection of the pieces presented, was not easy. It is mine... but I am convinced that these pieces will speak to you, too. 

Baule, Dan, Fang, Bambara, Bidjogo, Mumuye, Kuyu... There are no less than 16 pieces, some of which are particularly remarkable, which are given to you to appreciate so that, I hope, a dialogue is established between them and you, between you and yourself. Because yes, I think that these pieces have the power to question us, in our innermost being, about who we are ourselves. 

And then, after all, let us not forget... that "To speak of Art is to speak of the World", in particular through the eyes of the one who contemplates. 


Afrique Emotions Exhibition - Galerie Origines, Arles