Sculptures never die.

EXHIBITION/SALE With the works of Chantal Porras and Darbaud.
du 1er avril au 30 juin 2022.



Since its appearance on earth, life has depended on a very fragile balance between resources, species and cultures.

When one species is considered the most important, the whole balance is shaken.


It is to testify to this, by crossing artistic gestures, materials and views, that Richard Vinatier has proposed to Chantal Porras and Darbaud to present their work.

These two sculptors draw their inspiration from the very cradle of our humanity, where it originated: eternal Africa.

The purity of the lines of the works of Chantal Porras, the softness of its curves, its patinas, pure, intense and luminous will dialogue with the raw, faithful and sensual individualities of Darbaud.

The gesture is skilfully mastered, the look, sagacious... Decidedly, the Man and the World are witnessing each other, together, in the work of these artists.

GALERIE ORIGINES_EXHIBITION | The sculptures never die