GOLDSHEIDER (MANUF.), Bust of Berber man

GOLDSHEIDER (MANUF.), Bust of Berber man

Orientalist sculpture
Polychrome terracotta
circa 1897
height 65 cm
Art Nouveau
pristine state
Inventory number
Sold out

Bust of Berber man by Rudholf Thiele, often attributed to Edmond Levèque by mistake (dixit).

Edition of the largest size 65 cm


Present in the Goldscheider catalogue in 1900 see  Goldscheider Ora Pinhas bibliography, Richard Dennis 2006 Edition Sue Evans, page 68 at the center, and in « terres cuites orientalistes et africanistes » by stephane Richemond, les éditions de l’amateur 1999 page 79.


Stamp in relief Goldscheider and N°1105


See also : buste de femme berbère


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