Angas, Montol figure

Angas, Montol figure

Montol statue, wood
XIXth century
height 54 cm
Tribal Art
used state
Inventory number

Montol figure from the Angas, beautiful antiquity, brown patina, black and reddish, shiny in some places on the ends.

Nice presence and attitude, very structured face, ears and mouth pierced. The holes in the mouth and anus were probably used to put charges.
Strong chest, large shoulders, short arms ending with palms forward.
Prominent navel and sex, powerful legs slightly apart, ending in heavy feet.


Few known statues in this style, certainly coming from the Angas at the north of the Bénoué.
Possible from Tal village, very small group in the Montol's territory, they can be attributed if not to a single artist to the same workshop. The small number of Angas (around 10 000) increases if this theory is needed.


A few examples :

  • Couple Chamba Sotheby’s sale november 1991 collection Kuhn New York
  • The shape of Belief novembre 1996 Fine art Museum of Aan Francisco Page 61 Figure represented page 19
  • Sotheby’s sale London june 1984 lots 219 and 217
  • Galerie Flak exhibition Nigeria, Masters of Mouvement Paris 2012 - pages 54 and 55 very similar


Origin :

  • Haefeli collection (Switzerland) acquired in 1988
  • Galerie Noir d’Ivoire (Paris)
  • Private French collection

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