Sculptor of shadows and lights

OFF Rencontres de la Photo, Arles.
From July 4th to September 25th 2022




Catalog Hughes Dubois - Photographer - Sculptor of shadows and lights - Galerie Origines - Arles
EXHIBITION/SALE With the works of Chantal Porras and Darbaud.
du 1er avril au 30 juin 2022.



Since its appearance on earth, life has depended on a very fragile balance between resources, species and cultures.

When one species is considered the most important, the whole balance is shaken.


It is to testify to this, by crossing artistic gestures, materials and views, that Richard Vinatier has proposed to Chantal Porras and Darbaud to present their work.

These two sculptors draw their inspiration from the very cradle of our humanity, where it originated: eternal Africa.

The purity of the lines of the works of Chantal Porras, the softness of its curves, its patinas, pure, intense and luminous will dialogue with the raw, faithful and sensual individualities of Darbaud.

The gesture is skilfully mastered, the look, sagacious... Decidedly, the Man and the World are witnessing each other, together, in the work of these artists.

GALERIE ORIGINES_EXHIBITION | The sculptures never die

Un an déjà que la galerie Origines a ouvert ses portes et présentés ses œuvres provenant de nombreuses collections prestigieuses et de grands marchands. 

Nombreux sont venus, je les en remercie. 
Ces émotions que l'on ressent, ce partage, ces découvertes, on ne peut qu'en remercier leurs auteurs, bien souvent inconnus mais tellement présents, sculpteurs de l'imaginaire...
Je plonge souvent dans cette bibliothèque immense où les livres d'Art d'Afrique me font voyager et comprendre que je ne suis qu'un "passeur" : nombre de ces œuvres appartiennent à l'humanité toute entière.
Le choix de cette deuxième édition d'"Afrique Émotions", de la Caryatide Songyé au bracelet de chef Téké est un parcours de formes et de couleurs qui s'offre à votre regard.
Richard Vinatier
Exposition Afrique Emotions #2 - Galerie Origines, Arles
FROM JULY 17 2021

"Holly spoons", the first exhibition of the gallery was a great success, even with the public that does not know tribal art and imagined to be insensitive to it. 

For this new exhibition, I wanted to share with you some of the strong emotions I had when I first acquired the pieces that will be presented to you, as much as when I contemplated them. 

"To make a choice is to give up", as they say, and the choice I made, regarding the selection of the pieces presented, was not easy. It is mine... but I am convinced that these pieces will speak to you, too. 

Baule, Dan, Fang, Bambara, Bidjogo, Mumuye, Kuyu... There are no less than 16 pieces, some of which are particularly remarkable, which are given to you to appreciate so that, I hope, a dialogue is established between them and you, between you and yourself. Because yes, I think that these pieces have the power to question us, in our innermost being, about who we are ourselves. 

And then, after all, let us not forget... that "To speak of Art is to speak of the World", in particular through the eyes of the one who contemplates. 


Afrique Emotions Exhibition - Galerie Origines, Arles
MARCH 25th - MAY 25th

The spoon says more about the History of Men than we think, the way they make Society.

Materials, shapes, symbols ... all different, they testify to the Universal.


After the artist has shaped it with his hand, it is with ours that the spoon becomes the link between the World and our body by responding to two of our fundamental needs: that of nourishing ourselves and that of being in relationship with our kind.


Useful, they are sometimes coquettish, elegant and in this case, masterpieces of tribal art, since they relate to the same plastic concepts as those of statuary.


Our exhibition, in the form of a tribute, will present pieces from the greatest collections or from discerning amateurs, as it should: as a work of art. Connoisseurs will find there the most beautiful specimens and the curious, a breathtaking discovery.


"Spoons of Africa" ​​- Next temporary exhibition / sale, at the Origines Gallery, 44 rue des arènes - 13200 Arles.


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Exposition Sacrées cuillères ! - Galerie Origines, Arles