Baoule, Female statue

Baoule, Female statue

Baoulé statue, wood
late XIXth early XXth
height 33,5 cm
Tribal Art
good used state
Inventory number

Beautiful female Baoulé statue from Ivory Coast, hands coming back towards the stomach near the predominant navel, large breasts, legs slightly bent, marked toes.

The head above a long neck, shows the hardness of the face, scarified on the temples and on each side of the mouth, scarifications that are also found on the shoulder blades and lower back.


The very elaborate headdress has several buns, two braids on each side of the face join on the shoulders, on the back the buns end in braids (small lack at the level of the upper braid).

Dark shiny caramel patina in some places.


Origin :

  • Old Maine Durieu collection, Paris


Bibliography :

  • Sacrés Baoulé, Edition galerie Maine Durieu, following the exhibition from September 9th to October 11th, 2014

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