Baoule, Male Statue (Essankro Workshops)

Baoule, Male Statue (Essankro Workshops)

Male baoulé statue, wood, glass beads
height 49 cm
Tribal Art Rare objects
pristine state
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Very beautiful and rare male Baoulé statue, Workshop of the masters of Sakassou.

Of a rare elegance, very thin, slightly arched, everything in this statue demonstrates the particular care taken by the sculptor, the arms along the body, or the very thin hands surrounding the navel, in front of the largely scarified body, chest marked, the back of an extreme delicacy with rounded shoulder blades scarification on the spine, and on the calves.


The scarified neck supports a lofty head of great interiority, mouth, nose, eyes, incised beard, long and pointed in a crescent shape, ears together where we recognize the style of SaKassou workshops, just like the hands, the feet and the whole sculpture.

Beautiful headdress of high quality workmanship. In the 18th century, Sakassou was a very important political and artistic center for Baoulé culture.

Dark used patina, black and oozing on the head.


Origin :

 Old Warren Robbins collection, Washington


Bibliography : 

« Mains de Maitres « under the direction of Bernard de Grunne 2001, page 77 for a Baoulé statue very close to the masters of Sakassou


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