Bidjogo, statuette of a young girl

Bidjogo, statuette of a young girl

Young girl crouching « defunto » wood and brass
Circa first half of the XXth century
height 21,5 cm
Tribal Art

Bidjogo statue from the Bissagos isles, Guinée Bissau.


This remarkable sculpture is caracteristic of the refinement and naturalistic sensitivity of Bidjogo art.
She certainly represents a « defunto », name designating young girls during their initation.


Beautiful contrast between the fullness of forms, cross-legged, asymetric and complex pose, rare in the african tribal art, one hand hiding the sex expressing modesty, the other at the bottom of the neck.
Pyrographed cap. Clean graphic of the face whose eyes are represented by two upholstery nails.


Origin and certificate :

  • Olivier Larroque Art Tribal, Nimes


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