Kuyu, Marotte

Kuyu, Marotte

presumed late XIXth
Height : 42 cm
Tribal Art
good, erosion on the right side
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Impressive marotte of the Kuyu of Congo.

Appearing during kiephe-kiephe dance ceremonies, they are among the iconic sculptures of Central Africa.

The handle, now disappeared, supports a large cylinder representing the neck decorated with necklaces and rows of cowries.

Magnificent at the sum of this structure, the head combines the power of a delicately worked face with the profusion of bodily signs: a high double-shell hairstyle, frontal scarification, representation of the implantation of the hair and teeth filed to a point. Very rare, the set of eyes and mouth sketching a smile.

Here, the stylistic treatment, the virtuosity of the sculpture, the deep natural patina as well as the erosion attest to the great age of the work.



  • Private collection, France.
  • Collection Frayssine Rodez
  • Olivier Larroque Gallery

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