Kuyu, marotte head

Kuyu, marotte head

Kuyu marotte head, wood, pigments
early XXth
height 49 cm
Tribal Art
good state
Inventory number

Kuyu marotte said Kébé-Kébé, Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Kuyu live north of Gabon, on both sides of the Kuyu river, in a region that has stayed away from Muslim influence and Western colonialization. The male secret society called Ottoté played and important role in the maintenance of social order and the appointment of leaders.
The Kuyu are best known for their marottes heads called Kébé-Kébé. They were exhibited in spectacular dances that closed the initiation period for young people.


Bibliography :

  • for a similar head (same sculptor) Sotheby’s 11th dec 2013 Paris art d’Afrique et d’Océanie N° 92 Téké head very similar - Expo Dapper sept 2003 / juillet 2004.


Origin :

  • Galerie L’Acrossonge.


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