male Baoulé statue

male Baoulé statue

Male Baoulé statue, wood, glass beads, gold.
late XIXth
height 47,5 cm
Tribal Art
very good state
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Very beautiful and rare male Baoulé statue from the Ivory Coast.

Arms along the body coming back towards the abdomen on each side of the navel, breasts, navel and sex marked.

Many scarifications on the entire body, in front of four rows, on the back and on the spine, rare scarifications on the calves in the form of chevrons..


Very significant scarifications all around the neck, large head with eight-shaped lips, nose with marked nostrils, half-spherical eyes with underlined arches, very beautiful headdress including four grooves on each side and coming together on the back of the headdress, embellished forehead with four semi-circles in its center, scarification at the top of the bridge of the nose and on the temples.

Small beard on the chin.

Belt with multicolored glass beads, neck necklace embellished with a small gold jewel

The whole resting on a fluted base.

Very nice used reddish brown patina in some places


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Origin : 

Renaud Vanuxem collection Paris


Bibliography :

Object published in the book « sculptures baoulé « Renaud Vanuxem 2020 

Pages 39,99 and 122 of the book

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