Mumuye, Statuette

Mumuye, Statuette

Mumuye statuette, wood
early XXth
height 22 cm
Tribal Art
good, missing one forearm.
Inventory number

Very rare little Mumuye female sculpture from Nigeria, great strength in the design, short legs folded, arms outspread joining above a vault above the breasts and coming back towards the belly, striated hand for the fingers.

The exceptional head, scarred on the nose and the cheeks, nose and mouth pierced, pointed chin, ears a round bump, eyes made from a chiseled round, the set has a high hatched central ridge.

Beautiful brown patina, shining red in some places, reste de terre ocre sur le visage et épart.


Bibliography :

  • MUMUYE sculptures du Nigeria, La figure humaine réinventée. Edition des 5 continents. De Frank Herman avec les textes de Constantin Petridis 2016 planche 24 for a male figure of the same type (Galerie Monbrison)


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