Sanza Tschokwe

Sanza Tschokwe

Sanza, wood, copper thread, iron, upholstery nails
late XIXth, early XXth
height 24 cm, width 13 cm
Tribal Art
very good
Inventory number

« Sanza » Lamellophone from Angola of the TSHOKWE people.

The harmony table is engraved with four stylized heads, each inscribed in a frame decorated with parallel lines in the back, the décor’s ensemble playing with triangular shapes.

The keys, made of metallic tabs, are pressed on an easel fixed at the top of the table

HT 24 cm Width 13 cm Late XIXth early XXth

Pretty nuanced brown red patina, very good state

Reproduced in the catalogue « Raccolta di un amatore d’arte primitiva » Paolo Morigi 1980, page 321 N° 288

Origin : Old G.F Keller collection that kept its invtory N° G.F.K. 288, engraved

Vente collection Paolo Morigi by Sotheby’s Tuesday 6th of December 2005 N° 124


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