Senoufo, Cultual figure

Senoufo, Cultual figure

rider, wood
early 20th
height 33,5 cm
Tribal Art
visible lack of use in one arm.

Cultural Senufo figure, from the Ivory Coast, a rider on their horse. « Such sculptures expressed within the Senufo symbolic universe the idea of wealth and power 

To note, the beautiful stylization of the steed as well as the nobility that emanates from the character especially from the face » text from Renaud Vanuxem (authenticity certificate) .

Visible lack of use in one arm. Beautiful dark used patina, red in some places


Origin :

  • Collected in 1952 in situ by the gendarme Renouard
  • Galerie Renaud Vanuxem Bruneaf 2019 catalogue page 70 et 71


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