Teke, with green fabric

Teke, with green fabric

wood, fabrics
late XIXth
height 39 cm
Tribal Art
good state, old patina
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Male Téké statue, Democratic Republic of Congo, made of wood having kept its green fabric protecting the Bilongo, the latter having been removed, it gives birth to a cavity showing that it has been desecrated.

The owners of these fetishes can detach the Bilongo and integrate it to other statues to sell them.

Traditional face adorned with a broad trapezoidal beard, nose and forehead marked with a crease on the temples and cheeks scarified with a cross, beautiful headdress in the shape of a helmet.

The style of these figures is strictly cubist, angular.


Origin : 

  • Lehuard collection (collected between 1924 and 1933 in Congo Brazzaville)
  • Leconte collection


Publication :

  • Batéké collected by Robert Lehuard édition Alain Leconte, S.R Kovo N’Sondé 2017 page 84