Teke, with green fabric

Teke, with green fabric

wood, fabrics
late XIXth
height 39 cm
Tribal Art
good state, old patina
Inventory number

Male Téké statue, Democratic Republic of Congo, made of wood having kept its green fabric protecting the Bilongo, the latter having been removed, it gives birth to a cavity showing that it has been desecrated.

The owners of these fetishes can detach the Bilongo and integrate it to other statues to sell them.

Traditional face adorned with a broad trapezoidal beard, nose and forehead marked with a crease on the temples and cheeks scarified with a cross, beautiful headdress in the shape of a helmet.

The style of these figures is strictly cubist, angular.


Origin : 

  • Lehuard collection (collected between 1924 and 1933 in Congo Brazzaville)
  • Leconte collection


Publication :

  • Batéké collected by Robert Lehuard édition Alain Leconte, S.R Kovo N’Sondé 2017 page 84

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