Teke, Janus statue

Teke, Janus statue

Téké Janus statue, wood
late XIXth, early XXth
height : 36 cm
Tribal Art
good state
Inventory number

Democratic Republic of Congo.

Made of wood that has preserved part of its Bilongo in each cavity.
Said Mpwau, the two leaning male figures, bent legs joined together in pairs, common bust and neck, head blending into each other, dominated by an imposing sagittal crescent hairstyle whose points are projected over the faces and stretch up to the nose.
Very beautiful rigor of the geometrical construction, on both sides the bust is pierced with a cavity intended to receive the ritual charges (Bilongo).

Patina of use, some parts blackened by fire, beautiful brown-red color.


Provenance :

  • Collection M. Marchal Tours.

Bibliography :

  • A copy of the same hand in "Statuaire du stanley-Pool" by Raoul Lehuard p. 299.


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