Yoruba, Kneeling Oshe Shango

Yoruba, Kneeling Oshe Shango

Yoruba ritual scepter
Wood, pigments, camwood
presumed late XIXth - early XXth
height 33 cm
Tribal Art
Inventory number

Important Yoruba ritual scepter, kneeling priestess of the Shango cult, represents It represents a character kneeling on a circular base holding in their hands a club stick and an offering cup. The headress mounted in a braid is topped by an ax symbolizing the lightning store. The sculpture's style is characteristic of the Igbomina region and particularly of the old city-state of Ila Orangun.

Remains of blue pigments on the headdress and ax, also remains of « camwood » mixture of wood powder, laterite (red dirt) and shea butter in the interstices of the sculpture.
Marks of ceremonial use on the base. Beautiful and old honey lacquered patina with many signs of wear.

Eugene Betra base.


Origin :

  • Private Belgian collection
  • Private French collection
  • Olivier Larroque gallery Nimes


Publication :

  • « Danse avec Shango » Hélène Joubert-Xavier Richer, page 78 and 79 - Somogy Editions d’ART, Paris 2018


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