Yoruba, Pair of Ibedji

Yoruba, Pair of Ibedji

Ibedji couple, wood, iron, fibre beads, fiber, cowries
end of XIXth beginning XXth
height 29,5 cm
Tribal Art
very good
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Pair of Nigerian Yoruba Ibedgi, of Oyo style, statues of feminine and masculine twins with stocky bodies standing on a round base, arms spread and close to the body, coming closer to the hips. Head with tall hairstyle, elongated face, with protruding eyes, big mouth, different scarifications on the cheeks and forehead, sign of belonging to the OYO IJEBU ethnicity, other identic scars on the lower belly, around the navel.

Adorned, for the female figure with a belt of small pearls on the hip, with a necklace on the neck and an iron ring on the ankle ; For the male figure, a cowries bracelet.

Traces of Tukula and indigo, beautiful used caramel brown patina. These statues, are surrounded by numerous and frequent attentions, offerings and annointments

As well as numerous manipulations having given them a superb patina



Origin :

  • Jean Dierickx (Bruxelles)
  • Docteur Pierre Danhaive collection (Namur)
  • Mr and Mme X collection Paris
  • Private French collection


Bibliography :

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