Raoul Larche, Le chant des sirènes

Raoul Larche, Le chant des sirènes

circa 1895/1900
en cm : 48 x 61 x 27,5
Art Nouveau Rare objects
very good
Inventory number

Le Chant des sirènes, lost wax bronze with brown-green patina signed, marked "Susse Frères éditeurs Paris" in hollow, "cire perdue", and engraved.

Three mermaids saving a sailor from the impetuous waves by depositing him on a rock or are they trying on the contrary, to precipitate him into the marine abyss...

This is certainly a rare lost-wax bronze print, with a brown-green patina, as it is marked "Susse Frères éditeurs Paris" in the hollow (and also "cire perdue"), while Raoul Larche worked mainly with the foundry Siot-Decauville. The piece is titled Le Chant des sirènes and is documented by two others, which have passed on the market: a preparatory plaster cast (Pomez sale in Troyes, March 23, 2013, no. 96), and a lost wax proof (Hassan Gallery, Paris). Naturally, one cannot but think of his famous centerpiece from around 1894: La Mer, a version of which is preserved at the Musée d'Orsay.

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