Abron Koulango, Female statue

Abron Koulango, Female statue

Abron statue, wood, fiber, glass beads, iron
late XIXth very early XXth
height 33 cm
Tribal Art
bon, bouts de pieds manquants.
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Very interesting Abron Koulango statue of the Akan border people, « The Abrons that are established in the Bondoukou region live in community with the Koulango, resulting in mutual influences and an assimilation of the Koulango groups by the Abrons » In text.

Representing a woman, of a great interiority legs slightly bent, arms coming back towards the navel, small round breasts, striated flared neck holding a slightly flattened oval head, very gentle face, where the nose the mouth and the eyes are slightly in relief due to a lot of friction.

The headdress is striated at the back and at the front, on the latter a rounded incision with four little inclusions. The scarifications on the face are made by tiny iron spikes, three on each side of the mouth, one under the eyes, three on each side near the ears marked by a triangle, and a few others at the back


Origin :

  • Private French collection


Bibliography :

  • dans la statuaire de Côte d’Ivoire Akan de Giovanni Franco Scanzi Ed tribaleglobale Primary Art, 2010 pages 46 and the rest.