"Bambara" - Bamana

"Bambara" - Bamana

wood, iron
late XIXth century.
height : 54 cm.
Tribal Art
good, with arm restoration.
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Masterpiece of Bamana statuary.

Standing on bent legs, the arms away from the body come back towards the front (hands missing, arms restored).

Eyes encrusted with iron nails, pierced mouth having undoubtedly had a labret, semi-circular ears, one of which has  metallic remnants.

Remarkable for the freedom of its stylization, its proportions, its exceptional allure.

This piece resembles a Jonyleni (little nyele of the Jo "pretty little girl" ), a frequent name given to an admired young woman, representing the ideal qualities: slim torso, prominent buttocks, protruding breasts allude to fertility.

The incisions on the torso represent the marks of traditional scarification worn by adolescent Bamana girls.

Very beautiful dark patina, crusty in some places.

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Origin :

  • Pierre Verité Collection (probably) ; 
  • Olivier Castelliano, Paris ;
  • Dr. Adélheid Wurzer, Munich ;
  • Adrian Schlag, Brussels ;
  • Collection Dr Michel Gaud, Paris ;
  • Private collection, France.


Bibliography :

In 5 continents, vision d’Afrique, BAMANA by Jean-Paul Colleyn 2009, illustration 9 and page 122 for a very similar statue, old Pierre Langlois collection.

To see as well (maybe from the same hand) another very similar at the Jacques Chirac museum.