Wall cartel, mahogany, brass
circa 1905
height 69,50 cm over 40 cm of length and 21 cm of depth
Art Nouveau
complete, working state
Inventory number
Sold out
Gustave Serrurier-Bovy (1858 - 1910)

Circa 1905

Exceptional wall lamp called "Pendulum Moulin" with cubic box with geometric cutout in oak underlined by twin side bars in polished brass and studded plates in polished brass as well.

Perfect condition, completely professionally revised, has its original key.
It features a cut-off dial with golden Arabic numerals on a blue American glass background.

An architect by training, Serrurier Bovy brought creative impetus to the international art nouveau movement.

In 1903 he founded with a Parisian architect, René Dulong the Company "Serrurier et Cie" from 1903 to 1907 the house will produce its finest achievements. The pendulum created during this period presents logical forms of geometric construction. In this little masterpiece, we find symbolic allusions to its creator.

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Brussels 1987, similar model reproduced on page 99
François & Etienne Bigot, Dumesnil Dubuisson “Serrurier Bovy a pioneering creator” Faton edition, Saint Etienne 2008 similar model reproduced on page 83.