HIPPOLYTE BOULENGER, Pair of rooster and hen vases

HIPPOLYTE BOULENGER, Pair of rooster and hen vases

Enameled ceramic of rooster and hen in painted slip
circa 1880
height : 70 cm - diameter : 54 cm
Barbotine / Majolica
Pieces in perfect state
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Very important and exceptional pair of ceramic vase with a slip decor on a black background of rooster and hen in different positions on each vase and a decoration of mulberry tree in bloom at the back of one and almond blossom for the other.

Shower feet and collar edges, gilded in gold

Handles on each side in the shape of lion's muzzle partly golden.

Very beautiful compositions recalling the craze of Asian art in the last third of the XIXème century.


Certainly unique pieces for presentation in a universal exhibition?


One of the two pieces signed in the decor « LAMBERT ».

Each vase signed under the stamp piece « Choisy le roi H.Boulanger » in black and hollow CHOISY LE ROI as well as a N° 334 and a red coat of arms and crown stamp including H.B marqued PARIS


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