Ashanti, Spoon

Ashanti, Spoon

presumed late XIXth - early XXth
Tribal Art
very good
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Beautiful Ashanti spoon from Ghana, rare in the corpus of spoons from this region which are usually used to weigh gold and are not made of wood.

Possibly royal or of a high dignitary

This spoon has three important elements:

First of all, the snake which reminds us of Mami Watta, well known in this region, then the stylized Akan Siege on the first upper part of the handle, and finally the padlock which is often installed on voodoo pieces.

The hollow and round spoon, wood with a very nice caramel patina showing a good age.

Provenance :

  • Professor of Medicine Mr X, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010
  • Ian Schaw, London
  • Richard Vinatier, gallery Origines Arles France