Baoule, Male statue

Baoule, Male statue

Important male sculpture from the Ivory Coast
Presumed early XXth
height 51,5 cm
Tribal Art
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Important Baoulé male sclpture from the Ivory Coast. This large sculpture features the classic characteristics of Baoulé statuary : standing position slightly turned to the left, hands placed on the belly surrounding the protruding navel, very thin head, with a small beard, a very finely chiseled headdress and scarifications on the temples and under the eyes.

Long neck with numerous scarifications. Slender body with scarifications from the chest to the hands. Very important scarifications with complications on the upper arms, shoulder blades and the back. Very nice serene attitude, on a round pedestal with notches, brown shiny patina


Origin :

  • Marceau Riviere (with certificate)