Izzi, statue

Izzi, statue

Izzi statue of the Igbo, wood, fiber, brass
presumed early XXth
height 83 cm
Tribal Art
used state
Inventory number

Female altar figure of the Izzi from the Igbo populations, south-east of Nigeria.


« We know very little of the context and the meaning of the altar statues of northeastern Igbo populations. At most it was seen that they sometimes worked as a couple, sometimes associated with terracotta statues and that it was probably a representation of deities. » text by Bernard Dulon


Beautiful statue with a bluish tendency, gray in some parts traces of kaolin head typical of the Igbo.
Very pronounced beautiful headdress, semicircular mouth with visible teeth, narrowed eyes, scarification in high relief.
Articulated arms slightly bent, hands turned upwards as if to receive or give an offering. Pretty bronze spiral bracelet on the left wrist.
Predominant navel, legs slightly bent.
Has kept its very beautiful finely braided loincloth.


Origin :

Galerie Garcia Paris - Collection Haefeli 1983 (Switzerland)


Bibliography :

  • Savary 1985 N° !’ page 65 illustration of this statue        
  • Raoul Lehuard Art d’Afrique Noire 1987 N° 64 page 48, presentation of the Haefeli collection, this statue included.
  • Auction catalogue from Binoche the 10th of october 2005 of the Haefeli collection, expert Bernard Dulon for African art page 112 N° 129 and page 113 full page picture   


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