Kpelié mask

Kpelié mask

Kpelié mask, wood.
late XIXth early XXth
height 30,5 cm
Tribal Art
very good state
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Superb Kpelié mask from Senoufos from the north of the Ivory Coast. The prognathic face with the oval mouth showing the teeth, the eyes pierced with a slit, the forehead surmounted by an elegant pair of horns supporting in their center a stylized chameleon. Scarifications on the cheeks and forehead, two pairs of panels on each side of the face, as well as two projections emanating from the chin.

We can notice a lip plate on the lower lip as well as remains of polychromy on the chameleon.


Unlike the masks topped with the classic kapotier rasp motif, the rare masks topped by a human or animal figure participated in festive ceremonies, during which young men demonstrated their acrobatic skills.

Significant patina of use on a traditional black lacquer.


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Origin :

Ex. colonial collection (Millau France) collected in-situ in the 1930s.

Ex. Galerie Olivier Larroque.