Mumuye, statue

Mumuye, statue

Wood Mumuye statue
early XXth
height 82 cm
Tribal Art
Inventory number

Beautiful statue of the Mumuye of Nigeria.


The Mumuye statuary, revealed in Europe in the late 1960s, was immediately regarded as one of the most inventive expressions of African art.
Relations are essential between the arts of the body and statuary: hairstyle in helmets, stretched ears, their main characteristic, unique in African art is the systematic openwork between the body and the arms which form a volute around the bust thin and cylindrical. The legs are short and powerful.
Mumuye statuary embodies tutelary spirits. Very nice attitude


Origin :

  • Dr Pierre Danhaive Collection, Namur
  • Christine Valluet Gallery Paris
  • Lionel Sergent collection
  • Fraissinet collection
  • Montagut gallery


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