Senoufo, Harp's easel

Senoufo, Harp's easel

Sénofou harp's easel, wood, strings
height 22 cm
Tribal Art
Inventory number

Six-string harp's easel qualified of « korr » harp-lute (abreviation of « korron » (signifying 6 in sénoufo). This easel corresponds to a reputed style from the northern-center of the sénoufo country from the Ivory Coast


Bibliography :

  • Senufo sculpture from West Africa robert Goldwater The Museum of Primitive Art New York 1964, chevalet sculpté N° 166 collected by Maesen in 1938.


Origin :

  • private french collection


Also :

  • SENOUFI sans frontières, édition des 5 continents, Cleveland museum of art 2015 Page204, N° 140 entire harp with its easel, collection of Claude and Alain Lebas



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