Teke, hands with spoon and knife

Teke, hands with spoon and knife

Batéké statue, wood
late XIXth - early XXth
height 48 cm
Tribal Art
very good
Inventory number

Powerful and very interesting by its unusual production, a cylindrical body comprising the hollowed out cavity of its Bilongo, protruding breasts.

Arms decorated with bracelets, with marked shoulders, one hand holding a spoon, the other a knife (very rare, perhaps unique), powerful neck holding the head with an arched mouth showing the tongue and surrounded by two spikes completing a trapezoidal beard, elliptical eyes, flat nose, double shaped rectangular scarifications on the temples and the forehead.
Hairstyle in the style of an elaborated bun at its base.

Powerful legs slightly bent, ending in semi-circular feet, marked sex. Numerous parts blackened by fire, higher and lower part of the bust,beard, headdress, brows, and part of the knees to the feet.

Dark brown and caramel patina.


Bibliography :

  • for a similar style : BATEKE les fétiches, Alain Leconte and Raoul Lehuard
  • Edition Alain Leconte 2014, page 189. Région Mayama, pool Malébo.



  • Old Gérard Wahl, dit Boyer, dit Bébé Rose collection    


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