Teke, Mayama Statue

Teke, Mayama Statue

Large magico-religious Mayama statue
Wood and mother of pearl buttons
late XIXth early XXth
height 57 cm
Tribal Art
Inventory number

Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rare large magical-religious statue whose function is to protect the community. These figures of ancestor called Buti are manipulated by Nga'a. One can recognize in this statue the style of the village of Mayama by its double imwu and mupani hairstyle, its facial scarification, its mother-of-pearl button eyes, the wide nose and the half-open mouth. Very beautiful position of the head, very intensive gaze, extension of the neck to the chest. This workshop would have been active during the last quarter of the 19th century. The large size, allows us to presume the importance and rank of the ancestor represented.

Shiny caramel patina, hair, beard and slit of the forehead to the nose blackened by burning.

Bibliography :

  • Batéké les fétiches, Alain Leconte, Raoul Lehuard edition Alain Leconte 2014. See page 250 statue in a very close style.



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