Tschokwe pipe

Tschokwe pipe

Pipe, bois et fibre
early XXth
lenght 24,5 cm height 11 cm
Tribal Art
very good
Inventory number
Sold out

Beautiful pipe of the Tschokwe (Ovimbundu ?) people from Angola, representing a character sitting legs folded, the body forming the sheath, the arms folded over the legs.


Beautiful sculpted head of a long striated traditional headdress, coffee bean eyes, prognathous mouth.

The head forming a plug for the sheath can be removed, held by a braided fiber cord.

Small rest under the barrel, at the height of the feets’ tip, allowing it to stay up once placed.


Length 24,5 cm HT 11 cm, very good state (small break on one of the legs)

Used brown shiny patina, early XXth, Eugene Bettra base


Origin : private French collection

Auction Art Rémy le Fur décembre 2015 N° 10 (Stéphane Mangin expert)

To see for a pipe with character in the same position : Sotheby’s sale 13th of may 2011 New York Robert Rubin collection N° 34 in the catalogue