Ernest Bussière, Vase with long neck - Mougin edition

Ernest Bussière, Vase with long neck - Mougin edition

circa 1900
(en cm) : Height : 50 on a base with a diameter of 25
Art Nouveau
very good
Inventory number

Important vase with a long neck decorated with a nymph embracing a virgin vine. But would it not be the opposite because in the top of the vase forming a part of the neck, we see the head of a satyr on the neck of the Nymph. An allegory treated in the purest symbol of the new art, the naked woman surrounded by nature.

The decorated vase is of Virginia creeper. The honey-colored nymph, surrounding the vase with her hands, head resting on her left arm, takes a very successful position, giving the impression of accepting the kiss.

All and tenderness and voluptuousness, the whole harmoniously realized.

This edition, different from the one we offer elsewhere in glass skin signed KG Lunéville, is in stoneware, Mougin edition, made in Nancy in two techniques: one matte and without slip for the woman and glazed for the rest of the ceramic.


Bibliography :

  • In "ceramiques végétales Ernest Bussières et l'art nouveau musée de l'école de Nancy 2000, in the introduction by Valerie Thomas, there is a photo of Ernest Bussière in his studio around 1901/1902 where the plaster work is on a shelf.
  • The Musée de l'école de Nancy and the Musée de la faïencerie de Lunéville have a similar piece.