Baoulé statue

Baoulé statue

Male statuette from the Ivory Coast
gold nugget necklace, wood and glass bead
late XIXth
height 47 cm
Tribal Art
Sold out

Male Baoulé statuette from the Ivory Coast.
Eugene Betra base.


Wood, glass bead and gold nugget necklace, glass beads on the hips.
Beautiful classic position, bent legs, arms spread away from the body, hands with marked nails and knuckles, coming back towards the navel. Barefoot in leather straps nails marked. Beautiful interiority of the face, eyes slightly lowered, flat nose, important sculpture of the headdress including two small horns on the front, scars on the temples, around the mouth, on the neck, the shoulders as well as the higher part of the back.

Beautiful brown patina shiny in some parts.

This statuette is certainly  that of an important notable, the small necklace with a gold nugget confirms it.


Five statues of the same sculptor, are known to this day. Same morphology of the eyes, the nose the mouth as well as the hands, headdress and feet, other details can also be found in the chest of the male statues :

  • Old Isaac Pailés collection, Dallas Museum HT 60 cm
  • May 1979 sale in München galerie Wolfang , at Christie’s London in 1984 HT 43,5
  • Origin Alain de Mombrison Paris HT 46 cm
  • Couple of statues at Luccas Ratton in his book Baoulé 2019 HT ?
  • The one presented


Origin for the one presented :

Mr Pierre D’Epur, captain of the French colonial army, was sent to Africa.
His journey will include several French colonies. So he travels to Senegal in 1908, Mauritania in 1909, the Ivory Coast from 1910 to 1914. From the Ivory Coast and the Baoulé, Yaouré et Akan countries, he'll bring back the entirety of his collection.
Some objects had not seen daylight since 100 ans including this statuette.
Guillaume Le Floch sale Paris