Lobi, female statue

Lobi, female statue

Lobi female statue, wood
late XIXth early XXth
height 55,5 cm
Tribal Art
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Beautiful female Lobi statue from Burkina Fasso, presented naked with arms raised to the sky in a symbolic gesture. She wears a receptacle on her head and her face has a beautiful, soft and focused expression. Hardwood, old brown patina and traces of ritual projections.

Very geometric face, slightly prognathic, protruding eyes, triangular nose, scarifications in the form of a line on each cheek, on the back deep streaks from one shoulder to the other can be found.


Bibliography : « L’Art Traditionnel Lobi » Giovanni Franco Scanzi Ed. Milanos 1993, pages 122 and 123 Janus statue of the same sculptor and same position seen under three angles, and pages 192, 193 and 196, 197


Origin : Private French collection