Lobi, Statue of a couple

Lobi, Statue of a couple

Pair of wooden statues
late XIXth - early XXth
height 45 cm
Tribal Art
très bel état - accidents visibles aux pieds
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Very beautiful and rare pair of statues of a Lobi couple, Burkina Faso. The characters adopt an identical pose : standing with the legs half-bent, arms alongside the body.
Only the treatment of the hairstyle and the representation of the breasts and the sexes make it possible to distinguish them.

The style, said ofTinkhiero is powerful and well built, one of the most elegant in the corpus, is that of a workshop in the south of the lobi country, at the border of the Ivory Coast, which produced representations of couples, rare, such as ancestor statues « Thilkotina » personnifying the power of the ancestors who founded the villages.

Hard and heavy wood, dark and earthy patina.


Origin :

  • EX. Collection Antoine Ferrari de La Salle (Paris) EX. Lionel Sergent Nimes)
  • EX. Bernard Dulon(Paris)  Reproduction : Thila l’art de la statuaire Lobi 2003