male Baoulé statue

male Baoulé statue

Male Baoulé statue, wood, glass beads, fiber
late XIXth (perhaps sooner)
height 40 cm
Tribal Art
good state, lack at the back of the feet at the base.
Inventory number
sur demande / on request

Exceptional male Baoulé statue from the Ivory Coast, we are in front of a Baoulé masterpiece, produced by a sculptor unknown to this day.

The design of the sculpture demonstrates great virtuosity and the artist's complete mastery of his art.

The legs slightly apart give a very slight impression of movement, the knees are marked by a small protruding circle.

The body with rounded shoulders, with bent arms ending in small hands on either side of the navel.


Scarifications below the breasts slightly marked and around the navel, as well as on the neck placed horizontally and vertically.

The head with its headdress is of exceptional design and virtuosity.

The face where features of an extreme finesse find their counterpart in the headdress reminiscent of the head of an elephant, an image undoubtedly desired by the sculptor, the elephant being a sacred and magical animal for the Baoulé.

Undoubtedly representation of a high-ranking character, possibly Royal.

Very nice used gray and brown shiny patina slightly reddish in places.


Origin :

Private French collection Avignon

Renaud Vanuxem Collection Paris.


Bibliography :

Object published in the book « sculptures baoulé « Renaud Vanuxem 2020 

Pages 74,75 and 129 of the book